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UltiBar Trade 3 Bar Steel Van Roof Bar System - Ford Custom 2023 On SWB Low Roof (L1H1) - SB348-3-L1

UltiBar Trade 3 Bar Steel Van Roof Bar System - Ford Custom 2023 On SWB Low Roof (L1H1) - SB348-3-L1

Ulti Bar Trade 3 Bar Steel Van Roof Bar System - Ford Custom 2023 On SWB Low Roof (L1H1) - SB348-3-L1.

Note: Suitable for the Swb L1H1.

Introducing a brand new roof bar system that embodies the strength properties of
steel without compromising heavily on the features associated with the Ulti Bar+ aluminium van roof bar system such as superior durability and signature aerodynamic profile.

Manufactured using high-grade structural steel, the roof bars are not only strong but also weatherproof. Utilising a unique,anti-corrosion coating the ULTIBar Trade is able to withstand over 300 hours of salt spray testing and offers an impressive 3
years warranty.

Sharing the aerodynamic and streamlined profile of the ULTIBar+, the ULTIBar Trade's design also benefits from minimal wind noise and drag, aiding greater fuel efficiency. The Trade bar also includes the innovative T-track system, offering unparalleled tie down opportunities for ladders and other materials being carried on the roof of a van.

Key Features to the UltiBar Trade Steel Van Roof Bar

  • High-strength structural steel S350GD.
  • Coated with a durable Magnelis coating.
  • Aerodynamic to reduce wind noise and drag.
  • Designed and tested to 60kg per bar.
  • Crash tested to 20G.
  • Innovative T-track.
  • Designed and tested to 60kg per bar.
  • Based on the UltiBar+ aluminium bar profile.
  • 300 hours salt spray tested.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Optional Load End Stops and Eye Bolts are available.
  • All required mounting hardware and full fitting instructions are supplied.

S350GD material is a high-strength steel that provides excellent mechanical roperties, including a minimum yield strength of 350 MPa. This high-strength material can withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions, making it suitable for use in structural applications such as roof structures and support systems. The S350GD material's high strength and durability ensure that the roof bar will have a long service life and can withstand the wear and tear a typical roof bar will undergo.

The combination of high-strength S350GD steel and Magnelis® coating creates a highly effective barrier against corrosion, protecting the underlying steel substrate from rust and deterioration, especially in harsh environments like coastal or industrial areas.

Magnelis® coating's self-healing effect enables the roof bar profile to repair itself over time when scratched or damaged. The coating reacts with moisture and oxygen in the environment to form a protective layer that seals the damaged area, reventing further corrosion.

S350GD material is made from recycled steel scrap and has a high recycling rate, reducing the environmental impact of steel production. Magnelis® coating's low zinc content and recyclability further minimize its environmental impact, making the roof bar profile an eco-friendly solution.

All fixings and fitting instructions are supplied. No drilling of the roof will be required when fitting this product.

Free delivery (See Terms and Conditions).

Manufactured By Van Guard. Designed and made in Britain.

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Price: 115.31 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
Price: 138.37 (Including VAT at 20%)